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Splash of Color Painting 

Hand-Painted Signs and Logos

Another of our specialties is hand-painted signage. We can paint distinct lettering in any script you desire. Our painted signs are striking and easy to read. Whether you’d like to have a motto, favorite quote, or excerpt from your favorite book inscribed on your wall, we can make that happen.

We also specialize in accurate, perfectly-proportioned logo painting. You may wish for a mural for your favorite sports team franchise, s logo of your favorite car or boat, or any other logo––we can do it all! Just provide us with a photograph. We’ll stencil it and enlarge it.

Splash Of Color Painting LLC’s services also make a wonderful gift, especially for kids! Transform your home into a truly special place. Contact us today— we look forward to bringing your dream to life!

Committed to Quality Since the 70s.

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