Mural Painting

Are you the owner of a home in Spring Hill, Lutz and Dade City? Do you have an artistic vision or idea for your home that you’d love to bring to life?

For nearly 40 years, Splash Of Color Painting LLC has been creating incredibly unique and personalized hand-painted signs and murals. We have developed a reputation for our vibrant use of color, exceptional realism, and joyful artistic depictions. Our attention to detail and quality is unparalleled, and we’re proud of the broad scope of our artistic abilities.

We can create stunningly authentic depictions of your favorite cartoon characters, logos, or scenes. Our hand-painted murals fascinate both children and adults alike, and enhance any living room, bedroom, or kitchen wall.

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Hand-Painted Wall Murals, Cartoons Characters, and Scenes

We transform even the most ordinary homes into extraordinary works of art. Any wall can be the canvas for a spectacular painted mural that will enchant and impress your loved ones for years to come.

Our history began in the 1970’s when we started pictorial painting services. Over the years, we focused more on house painting and interior murals. We now offer a broad range of artistic services, including painted landscapes, cartoon characters and scenes, logos, signs, and anything else our clients desire.

Splash Of Color Painting LLC uses only the highest quality paints for our mural creations. We have a tremendous selection of colors and shades you can conceive. Our paints are guaranteed to offer durability and ease-of-maintenance over many years.

Our work is particularly known for its imagination and outside-the-box approach. No two pieces are alike, and we go to great lengths to realize our customers’ dreams and ideals. You’ll be viewing your house mural every day, and we believe you should love what you see.

We can paint a huge variety of scenes. We offer whimsical and wonderful depictions, putting your favorite scenes or characters on prominent display.

We paint cartoon characters, locations, and other scenes, and an endless array of other dreams our clients conjure up.

With a lifetime of experience and imagination, Splash Of Color Painting LLC has the resources to add a touch of personality to your home. Contact us today!

Hand-Painted Signs and Logos

Another of our specialties is hand-painted signage.

We can paint distinct lettering in any script you desire. Our painted signs are striking and easy to read. Whether you’d like to have a motto, favorite quote, or excerpt from your favorite book inscribed on your wall, we can make that happen.

We also specialize in accurate, perfectly-proportioned logo painting. You may wish for a mural for your favorite sports team franchise, s logo of your favorite car or boat, or any other logo––we can do it all! Just provide us with a photograph. We’ll stencil it and enlarge it.

Splash Of Color Painting LLC’s services also make a wonderful gift, especially for kids!

Transform your home into a truly special place. Contact Splash Of Color Painting LLC today— we look forward to bringing your dream to life!

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